Importance of CCTV, Biometric and Access Control in everyone’s life

All Peoples know importance about CCTV, Biometric and Access control. Because today is need of these all technology. We are installing devices for home and office. And also assured to you. If you’re worried about assured and quality services for this essential equipment, REAON can be your one-stop destination. REON CT is an organization run by IT experts and is recognized throughout the Nation for their quality services and products.


CCTV is most useful devices for home and office. Because Number of crime and robbery happening. So, It’s not more expensive if you want to be secure or keep insecure your family and office. You have needed to install it.

  • Detect criminal activity
  • You can monitor all activity in your display. and you can also look on the activity of every people who have near the CCTV camera.
  • Peace of mind
  • Installing a CCTV at home or at the office can let the consumer sleep peacefully. But it record activity confidentially.
  • Improvement in work strategies
  • Improvement level is automatically increased when you will install at your home or at your office. You can see live on your monitor.

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In the modern day world of hyper pace, identification and authentication have gone to the next level. Every company wants to verify each and every person in daily routine and makes it attendance purpose for an employee. Basically, When Employee and an unknown person enter in office then for those, a person should be for inquiry and an attendance register. It’s very boring to manage it. For this problem, you can install Bio-metric device.

  • No need for Two-factor authentication
  • Biometric can come helpful separated from that two factor. With the assistance of their biometric confirmation, a client's personality can be consummately validated
  • Biometric in Organizations
  • A significant number of the organizations have introduced biometric confirmation for the check of their representatives to be certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that no interloper can enter their Association premises.
  • Biometric is the future of electronic security
  • Huge numbers of the electronic frameworks have executed biometric validation so as to force a more obviously better security imperatives.

Realizing the importance and needs of the Biometric system in today's World, REAON CT is offering efficient Biometric tools, ready for installation at schools, colleges offices or wherever you require. You can connect with us via our website,

Access Control

It’s must for every small and large scale companies to install it first. Because of who and when enters in office without permission and disturbed to our work and office’ employee. Access control is verified to already registered members only and give them permission to enter in office or in home.

  • Intrusion detection and prevention
  • Intruders can get to any building and can cause decimating impacts. Consequently, executing access control system can end up being helpful in keeping the interlopers away
  • Industrial Safety
  • A proper Access control can be implemented for the prevention of industrial Accidents. Thus one can control the number of people who should enter the Hazardous area.
  • Detection of criminal activities
  • Huge numbers of the structures can execute the entrance control system, for example, distinguishing proof; verification so no criminal can come inside the building premises and the likelihood of hoodlums can be lessened to an extraordinary level.

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Levy them in your organization, homes, and other areas and live your life stressfully by using excellent services provided by REAON CT.