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Most Internet users do not look further than the first 15 search results. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means increasing website traffic from search engines using natural methods (mainly through optimization of codes and graphics of websites)

these activities are carried out taking into account the changing guidelines for coding and web design. The basis for the construction of web pages is HTML in one of its three varieties, slightly different from each other: strict, transitional or frameset, and a more rigorous variant - XHTML - also in the three above variants.

The decision to use one of them is usually made by webmasters because they are related to the use of a specific HTML syntax, which only slightly relates to the content and appearance of the page. It is important to follow the tags allowed in the given variant of HTML and the required ways to save them so that the code created does not cause trouble for both browsers and indexing search engine robots. The correct code will be positively verified by online evaluators, including W3C validations - an international consortium setting up network standards.

SEO relies on constant changes in the content of the website and its structure towards a more effective quality and quantity of external links leading to the website that affect the position of the website in search engines. These are broad electronic media, internet forums, and social media.